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What is Delios? - Best selling water filtration system in Japan for over 10 years!

Delios is a squeezable, lightweight and easy-to-use water filtration kit.
All parts are made in Japan.

Super Delios comes with a 0.2 micron High Precision Hollow Fiber Filter filter and a squeezable 300ml container. It offers the filtration capacity of approximately 200 litre and weighs just 58g. Yes, you can squeeze Delios for quick filtration to remove bacteria such as Cholera and E-Coli.

Delios for various situations such as outdoor, travelling and first aid

We all take safe drinking water for granted, especially in urban area. However, we are also aware that accessing clean and safe drinking water is not always guaranteed, for example, during a holiday abroad, outdoor activities and in the case of emergency. With Delios, you can access clean and safe drinking water anywhere, anytime while you are on the go. You can also use Delios as an alternative to bottled water or want to take extra care to ensure purity of the tap water or long-shelfed bottled water.

Outdoor - Let the outdoor be your source of water!

Are you still carrying a heavy pack of bottled water when you are camping? Why not adding Delios as one of your outdoor gears? Thanks to its light weight, Delios will is easy to carry! Delios is suitable for outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, camping, fishing, cycling, walking, hiking, trekking and school trips! Pop Delios into your bag and nearby water source will turn into your drinking water!

Travelling - A holiday must-have in remote area!

The last thing you need during a holiday is becoming ill and spoiling your holiday. Delios has been used by travellers and backpackers where the quality of water and ice cubes is not necessarily guaranteed. You can stock bottled water, but is it wise to spend your money this way?

As you know, all airline operators limit luggage weight to 20-30kg and we are no longer allowed to carry liquid substances onboard. Delios is light and you can just pop it into your suitcase.

Do you know illness such as Traveller's Diarrhea (TD) and Cholera are passed on through contaminated water and food. Particularly, TD is the most common illness caught while travelling abroad.

TD affects 20-60% of overseas travellers. (National Travel Health Network and Center. NaTHNaC)
TD's most common cause is bacteria, responsible for 'approximately 80-85% of TD cases', followed by parasites about 10% and viruses 5% (Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the US)

The Center says, 'On average, 30-50% of travellers to high-risk areas will develop TD during a 1 to 2 week stay. Based on the annual figure of 50million travellers to developing countries, this estimate translates to approximately 50,000 cases of TD each day'.

Emergency - No bottled water, No Panic! A must-have survival kit!

We are all aware that the natural disaster such as typhoon, cyclone, earthquake and flooding will affect our life to a great extent. When it happens, it becomes priority to secure clean and safe drinking water. Water is the source for surviving through the difficult situations for anyone.

When the disaster strikes, we see bottled water alongside food supplied to the affected on television or people running to a shop to buy bottled water. Delios is ideal for the purposes of first aid and emergency preparedness. You can use the water filtered through Delios for not only drinking but also taking medicines and cleaning cuts and wounds. Delios has been used by NGO, charities, disaster relief agencies and medical personnel in disaster-struck areas.

During my first climbing to the Himalayas, I suffered from dysentery and mountain sickness. Mountain sickness can be avoided by drinking a lot of water. The water taken from streaks and melting snow contains dirt. On my second climbing, thanks to Delios, I could easily get safe drinking water. During my visit to a town in the Inner Terai Valleys, where no bottled water was available and the quality of tap water was not guaranteed, I could also get clean water Delios is easy to use and environmentally friendly'. (Mr. Hato)
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