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Frequently Asked Questions

Q How do I use DELIOS?

It's very simple. Fill the DELIOS container with water and squeeze the water through the filter. Please refer to How to use DELIOS for details and a photo demonstration.

Q Please tell us under what circumstances DELIOS can be used. Are they water sources we cannot use?

DELIOS is ideal for all outdoor activities, traveling overseas, or emergency and disaster preparedness. The water sources include river, rain, lake, swimming pool, water in toile tank/bath tub. The filter can remove germs, mold and other microbes which are difficult to detect even with an optical microscope.

However, DELIOS cannot remove viruses from water as they are too small to be trapped by the filter or substances that have already been dissolved in the water. The hollow fiber filter can remove non-dissolved materials, which are diffused materials in the water.

There are liquid iodine and other products on the market that can be used jointly with DELIOS when filtering the sourced water. Water-dissolved substances include salt in the sea water and poisonous organic and chemical materials. DELIOS will not filter out salt and some poisonous organic materials can be absorbed by the fibrous activated carbon as well.

Q Can DELIOS filter beverages such as milk, juice or coffee?

No. You should avoid using DELIOS to filter these beverages. It may take away the tastes and the colors but clogs the filter, so there would be no advantage to doing so. It is much more reasonable to filter the tap water before making coffee or tea, assuring safe and clean water and good taste. Other liquid forms such as the sea water and urine cannot be filtered with DELIOS.

Q I have heard that DELIOS can not be used in the water where there are no fish. Is this true?

Yes. Fish living in the water indicates that the river or lake is not contaminated by water-dissolved poisonous materials. On the other hand, river or lake where there are no fish may contain too much acidity because of the acid materials dissolved in the water or may contain poisonous materials. It is reasonable that we avoid used the water source that is obviously contaminated to a great degree.

Q What is the shelf life of both an unused and used DELIOS?

Once used, you can wash the filter and store it in a dry place for future use. Unused DELIOS can be stored for more than 10 years!

Q Now I am using a portable water filter which has no bacteria-removing filter. What is the difference between DELIOS and the one I own?

Your product seems to require chlorine or iodine to disinfect the unfiltered water. However, chlorine or iodine works differently depending on the quality of the water. As a result, your filter product does not have the same reliability for performance as the hollow fiber filter used in DELIOS.

The filter design of DELIOS is one of the major features as you find in How Delios Works. DELIOS' high-performance fibrous activated carbon removes disagreeable odors in the first stage. Then, the hollow fiber filter completely removes disease-causing bacillus, bacteria, mold and contaminated materials from the source water. You can drink water from the river, as well as water in countries where the quality of water is poor.

Q DELIOS uses fibrous activated carbon. How does it differ from ordinary activated carbon?

Fibrous activated carbon is made of fine and thin fibers which are carbonised. Its absorption speed is much faster than ordinary activated carbons. We adopted the fibrous activated carbon to make the filter unit as compact and efficient as possible.

Q I find that other bacteria-removing filter built-in water filters are heavy, bulky and difficult to carry. How about SUPER DELIOS and DRIP DELIOS?

Some built-in filters are made of ceramic, making the whole unit heavy and expensive. SUPER DELIOS is very light and its total weight is 58g, with a hollow fiber filter and polyethylene container. It is very easy to carry. You can roll the container and keep in your pocket. DRIP DELIOS is similarly light and collapsable

Q About the price of DELIOS

The price is very reasonable. DELIOS consists of a high-performance hollow fiber filter, fibrous activated carbon filter and other parts. The dual-stage filter requires careful inspection, which is costly, compared to other similar water filters. Nevertheless, the whole structure of the DELIOS is very simplified in order to keep the manufacturing cost as low as possible.

DELIOS is one of the most reasonably priced and effective bacteria-removing portable water-filters in the world. Other types of bacteria removal systems with built-in water filters cost more than DELIOS. We are proud of our DELIOS, because even though it may not look "high quality", it actually works as advertised.

Q The container looks like a cheap squeeze-bottle ketchup container. DELIOS does not look like a high quality product. Why did you use such container?

This is a matter of practicability. In other words, we prioritised high performance and ease of use. We developed DELIOS that filter water on its own without requiring complicated assembling. The fact that you cannot see the filtering elements inside the cap does not mean that DELIOS are not doing their job. DELIOS contains excellent filter unit, one of the best in the world.

For SUPER DELIOS, its flexible polyethylene container is strong and durable and allows you to roll or fold it to a pocketable size, without causing damage to the container. DRIP DELIOS can also be rolled.

Q I am wondering how reliable DELIOS is.

DELIOS is a well-inspected product in compliance with very high standards. Each DELIOS unit is subjected to stringent inspection by the manufacturer in Japan for the purposes of maintaining high quality and hygiene standards. The container of SUPER DELIOS in particular will continue to function safely even after being folded many hundreds of times.

We have not received any reports about tearing or damaging in the past 10 years. The flexible container was, in fact, an important component of the original patented design for SUPER DELIOS.

In addition, due to the design of the screw-on filter, you can substitute most off-the-shelf PETE bottles or a Platypus bottle if you prefer, or if you need a larger container and do not require the pocketable features of the container that comes with the product.

Q I often travel abroad. Do I better take DELIOS with me?

It depends on where you are going. However, we recommend that travellers carry SUPER DELIOS when going to developing countries where the quality of water and ice cubes is not guaranteed.

It is often hard to find safe drinking water in such countries unless you are staying at a major hotel that provides safe drinking water. However, purchasing bottled water is expensive and it may not guarantee its authenticity.

If you have SUPER DELIOS with you, you can drink safe water anytime. You can also use clean water to brush your teeth, rinse your eyes, and even clean your wounds should you suffer a sudden accident.

Q I have had trouble getting safe drinking water when I go camping. Is DELIOS recommended for camping trips?

Yes. DELIOS is recommended for all your outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, bicycling and fresh-water fishing. You can safely drink water from rivers, lakes or streams whenever you feel thirsty. In such case where the water supply in the camping field runs out, DELIOS will prove you with safe drinking water. For a long holiday outdoor, you may prefer to use DRIP DELIOS, which comes in 4 litter capacity.

Q I have heard that DELIOS is a "must-have" item for emergency use.

Emergencies can happen anywhere. DELIOS is an excellent addition to your home emergency kit thanks to its compact design. Experts in the water industry say that you need to get 9 liters of drinking water per person per 3 days in the event of an emergency.

SUPER DELIOS will help you secure drinking water from various sources such as rain water, river, ponds, bathtubs and even water in swimming pools. Currently, SUPER DELIOS is being used in disaster struck zones such as South East Asia and has been used by NGO, Charities, Medical professionals and travel experts in Japan.

Q How are DELIOS packaged for shipping? Do I get DELIOS outside the UK?

Delios comes in a box but we can discuss how you would like it to be delivered, e.g.: without a box. We are also offering shipping to outside the UK by air. Please contact us if you are ordering DELIOS outside the UK.

Q How long does it take to receive DELIOS?

We are making every effort to deliver DELIOS to you as soon as possible. With DELIOS in stock, delivery may take up to 5-7 working days for the UK addresses and 7-14 working days for abroad, although we are dealing your order within 24 hours of the receipt of payment (except for Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays).

Q Do you have a bigger size for SUPER DELIOS?

We are always welcoming your feedback. Although we have no immediate plan to produce a bigger size of DELIOS, we are happy to consider it if the demand becomes high.

Q Do you give discounts or trade prices for DELIOS to charities or traders for a bulk purchase or supply to the third world?

We are a small company and limited in the capacity to offer substantial discount. However, we will make every effort to meet your needs. Please contact us for further discussion.

Q Do you have an outlet for DELIOS outside the UK and Japan?

We are an exclusive distributor in the UK and covers the EU, the USA and Africa and Middle East. Please contact us Limited to discuss your requirements.

Q Do you give us samples of DELIOS?

We are a small company and not offering samples to consumers at the moment.

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