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Recycle, Reuse and Reduce plastic bottles with Delios Water Filter

We have become more aware of the importance of recycling plastic bottles to reduce negative effects on our Earth. Did you know plastic bottles take at least 1,000 years to biodegrade? Plastic bottles also take up landfill space, releasing toxic substances that will contaminate the underground water.

A recent study in the United Kingdom shows staggering figures, too.

525,300 tonnes: The approximate total volume of plastic bottles consumed in the UK, equivalent to approximately 13 billion bottles.

181,887 tonnes: The total quantity of plastic bottles collected

4,525 million bottles: The approximate number of bottled collected

9 million cubic meters: The total volume filled in the above 4,525 million bottles

8 billion: The estimated number of bottles exported or sent to landfill sites (Source: Wrap, Closed Loop Recycling)

Reusing a plastic bottle you already have with Delios.

Delios filter can be fitted onto Platypus products as well as most plastic bottles used for fizzy drinks and certain types of bottles used for water.

Recycling is one way, using Delios is another way

With one Delios filter for natural slow filtration, you will save 2,000 (500ml) plastic bottles and 665 (1.5 liter) bottles.

Let's think about 1.5 litre bottles of water only. You will find out how much you are spending on them.

Delios saves 665 bottles of water. If you buy 665 bottles, they will cost you 299 pounds, if 45 pence per bottle, and 399 pounds, if 60 pence per bottle.

So, in addition to recording plastic bottles, Delios will save your money, too!

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