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Delios Water Filter Purifier
- Patented Technology and Design

Super Delios and its predecessor Delios is a patented product (US Patent No. 5,681,463 and Japanese Patent No. 3,468,568), and have been sold in Japan since 1996. Delios was the first water filter in the world to utilise the dual-filter design of fibrous activated carbon in series with an 0.2 micron high precision hollow fiber filter. All parts are made in Japan.

Delios is a well-inspected product in compliance with very high standards. Each Delios unit is subjected to stringent inspection by the manufacturer in Japan for the purposes of maintaining high quality and hygiene standards.

Quick Filtration to remove bacteria and odor with 0.2 micron High Precision Hollow Fiber Filter

Delios' High Precision Hollow Fiber Filter is made of the same material used in the medical field and in the industry to produce bacteria-free water.

The Filter utilises numerous piled layers of thin hollow polysulfone pipes, with a pore size of 0.2 micron, and removes poisonous bacteria (E-coli, Colibacillus, Salmonella, Giardia, Cryptospordium, Cholera, Dysentery), bacillus, mold and dirt from water as it passes from outside to inside of the pipes to make safe drinking water as well as germs, mold and other microbes which are difficult to detect even with an optical microscope.

However, Delios will not remove substances that have already been dissolved in the water such as salt in the sea water and poisonous organic and chemical materials. As with other filter purifiers on the market, liquid iodine and other disinfectants can be used jointly with Delios when you are using particularly dirty water. Likewise, You should avoid using Delos to filter beverages such as milk, fizzy drinks and coffee. Although it may take away taste and color but clogs the filter, well, our common sense sets in here: all purifier products on the market are designed to 'filter' the source water, not to 'convert' drinks or other liquid form into pure water.

Eliminating odor/sediment with Safe Dual-Structure Design
The Safe Dual-Structure Design allow fibrous activated carbon to remove sediment from relatively dirty and contaminated water, and odors such as chlorine.

Water Sources you can use for Delios
You can use the following water sources for Delios: River, well, pond, lake, rain water as long as aquatic life inhabit. What this means that fish living in the water indicates that these sources are not contaminated by water-dissolved poisonous materials. It is reasonable that you avoid using the water source that looks contaminated obviously to our naked eyes. In addition to the above, you can use water from swimming pool, plastic water bottle / tank, toilet tank and bath tab as long as substances such as bath cream are not dissolved.

Delios is durable so you can squeeze it like a ketchup bottle!
Super Delios' container is made of high-grade polyethylene while Drip Delios' container is made of LLDPE. These materials will continue to function safely even after being folded many hundreds of times. We have not received any report about tearing or damage in the past 10 years. The flexible container was, in fact, an important component of the original patented design for SUPER DELIOS.

Delios is easy to use. No complicated assembling!
The entire design of Delios is simple and you are not required to go through the complicated assembling process. Please see How to use Delios for demonstration

Delios is lightweight, compact!
Water filter purifier system does not have to be heavy or bulky!

Super Delios weighs 58g only
Drip Delios weights 90g only.

Sizes are as follows:

Super Delios: Height 233mm (9.2 inches) x Width 70mm (2.8 inches) x Depth 50mm (2.0 inches)

Drip Delios: Height 545mm (21.5 inches)(including handle 100mm (4 inches)) x Width 208mm (8.2 inches) x Depth 44mm (1.7 inches)

Filter Exchange
Bad-quality water clogs the filter quickly so you may need replace the filter sooner. Once water runs through the filter slow or ceases to run through, then it is a time to replace the filter.

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