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''SUPER DELIOS is a WINNER!' 'To see if it really took out taste and odor I tipped it up, opened wide and gave it a squeeze. I was amazed! Clear, clean, odorless, tasteless water! - Paw Prints the Magazine, US

'Super Delios Ease of use? Good. To use the Super Delios, all you need to do is fill up the bottle with untreated water and then squeeze the contents thru the Delios filter at the top of the bottle, and into a clean container. A really nice feature is that you can simply screw on the Delios filter to a Playtpus bottle or other narrow necked bottle'. - Hiking Lady, US

'Verdict: good travel tool for extreme adventures'- Travel Editor, UK

'When you offset that against the cost of water purification tablets, the convenience of design and the volume of purification, I think the Super Delios comes out way ahead'.- Campr, UK

'The Super Delios clearly has merits, although granted, I don't see anyone carrying 1,000 tablets anyway. Another nice thing about the Super Delios vs. tablets or other non-filter options is that you can drink from it right away versus waiting for some chemical reaction'. - LIGHT & ULTRALIGHT BACKPACKING, US

Thank you :) We liked your review! - A Blog on the Landscape!, UK

During my first climbing to the Himalayas, I suffered from dysentery and mountain sickness. Mountain sickness can be avoided by drinking a lot of water. The water taken from streaks and melting snow contains dirt. On my second climbing, thanks to Delios, I could easily get safe drinking water. During my visit to a town in the Inner Terai Valleys, where no bottled water was available and the quality of tap water was not guaranteed, I could also get clean water Delios is easy to use and environmentally friendly'. (Mr. Hato)
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