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Delios Water Filtration System

Lightweight, easy-to-use, squeezable water filtration kit 0.2 micron high precision hollow fiber filter removes bacteria, odor, impurities such as Cholera and E-Coli.

Filter weighs 40g only with 200 litre filtration capacity

Delios provides you with clean, safe drinking water anywhere, anytime while you are on the go!

Made in Japan

Update: Thank you for your support for Delios. It has been over a year since Delios went to out of stock and its production has been halted due to the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan 2011. Delios helped people in the affected region and we are now hoping to speed up to help people in need of clean safe water worldwide. We are in the process of taking an order of first 300 units as pre-order.

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